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Faithfully emulating the head of an erect penis, this exclusive glass dildo offers vaginal thrills, and – because of the flared base – safe anal adventures. The hand-crafted penis-like head features silky smooth glass with a subtle v-grove on the underside, just like the real thing! And because of its natural shape, the head parts the way with ease and slides in with no effort, needing very little lubrication from natural juices or otherwise. Gently rocking and slightly twisting and tilting on penetration, gives no doubt where the G spot is. And as for clitoral fun… prepare for easy climax to orgasm after orgasm.

The Magnificent COQ-A-TEAL Glass Dildo, What a Stunner
FREE Lifetime Warranty, FREE UK Delivery, and FREE Lube with every COQ-A-TEAL

COQ-A-TEAL in all its glory
The very highest quality Borosilicate glass guarantees safety and blissful pleasure-giving

Could You Handle The Delights of COQ-A-TEAL?
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Additional Information
Overall Length

5 inches (125mm)

Insertable Length

4.5 inches (112mm)

Shaft Width

1.25 inches (31mm)

Maximum Width

1.5 inches (37mm)


Premium Quality Medical-Grade Borosilicate Glass


100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee, plus full LIFETIME Warranty


FREE UK 1st Class Recorded Delivery, optional Guaranteed Next Day


Plain white, unbranded postal box


Loyalty Points worth £3, FREE 10ml EXS Silk Lube


50% discount for product review (valid for next purchase)

More about COQ-A-TEAL

More about COQ-A-TEAL

  •   Protected by our ground-breaking LIFETIME WARRANTY for your continued peace of mind.
  •   Delivered FREE in the UK by 1st Class Recorded Delivery – with Guaranteed Next Day option.
  •   Shipped in plain, unbranded box to protect your privacy and save your blushes.
  •   Loyalty bonus points worth £3.
  •   50% off your next premium glass dildo when you write a review for COQ-A-TEAL.


Formed individually by hand from premium quality, seductive green , medical-grade glass called borosilicate, this special glass beauty possesses extraordinary durable and shatter-proof qualities associated only with borosilicate glass.

Unlike the standard glass used in making windows and drinking glasses, borosilicate glass can withstand tremendous shock and extreme temperatures variations without cracking or shattering. So it’s an obvious choice of material for intimate products where personal safety is of absolute paramount importance.

Every conceivable effort has been made during the many stages of manufacture to ensure COQ-A-TEAL is 100% safe for you to use and enjoy without any concern.

Contributing to the resilient nature of borosilicate glass is a proven and time-tested procedure of baking and cooling – called ‘annealing’ – which produces the extraordinary durability and unique properties of this premium quality glass that far exceed those of ordinary glass.

On final inspection, a visual lab check for imperfections and minute scrutiny with a scientific instrument called a Polariscope detects any irregularities invisible to the naked eye. Any product failing this test is unconditionally scrapped at source and never sees the light of day. This ensures no second-rate products ever make it to our shop.

Borosilicate glass – while quite cool to the touch at first – is a highly conductive material. What this mean is you’ll find your COQ-A-TEAL will quickly adjust to your body temperature in just a minute or two.

For added thrills, you might like to experiment with different temperatures. Unlike any other sex toy, glass dildos are particularly suited to temperature play…

Place COQ-A-TEAL in a bowl of warm or cool water for a few minutes while you’re getting in the mood. You’ll probably find you prefer one or the other – warm or cool.

While experimenting with temperature and to add an intense tingle to playtime, immerse COQ-A-TEAL in iced water (or pop it in the fridge) for a couple of minutes. Remember though, for the times when you are not flying solo, give your partner ample warning! The shock could be a passion killer.

The whole purpose of a sex toy is to enjoy the time you spend with it, but with a glass dildo in particular, please be careful when experimenting with high and low temperatures, since borosilicate glass can get very hot, or very cold in a short time.

And whatever you do, DO NOT ever be tempted to put this baby in the freezer for any length of time… frosty glass will stick to you! So to be on the safe side and avoid any discomfort or embarrassment in your local A & E department, please do not let COQ-A-TEAL come into contact with bare, moist skin unless you are absolutely sure it is at a safe temperature to do so.

Enjoy yourself and have hours of fun. Also remember to add a review of your times at play with COQ-A-TEAL. When you do, we’ll give you 50% of your next purchase. Yes, your next glass beauty at HALF PRICE. Now, that has to be worth a few minutes of your time, hasn’t it?

Please note: Because every COQ-A-TEAL is individually hand made by skilled artists, it is inevitable slight variations in colour, size, and decorative embellishments will exist between each. This is normal and will not adversely affect your enjoyment in any way. Equally of course, this means your very own COQ-A-TEAL glass dildo is truly unique to you.



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Reviews (12)

12 reviews for COQ-A-TEAL

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I have eagerly awaited the arrival of Coq-a-Teal since ordering. It looked so good in the picture and I just loved the colour. The size also seemed just what I was looking for. Postie delivered it today and I could not wait to try it out.

    Now, I guess you’d think the main use for this dildo would be as a butt plug, but ladies, lube it up, slide it into your pussy and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

    The shape makes it easy for penetration and it feels fantastic going in – an OMG moment if there is such a thing. I’m finding it a struggle to describe exactly how it feels, words are failing me. I’ll just say as soon as I’d unwrapped it, gave it a quick wash, lubed up a little (it comes with free lube btw), slid in, pulled my knickers on and walked around the house with a huge smile on my face. It moves around deliciously from side to side when you’re walking which feels so good.

    The length is just right for sitting with it in your pussy. Sat down reading, or watching TV, (or writing glass dildo reviews **smiles**) with Coq-a-Teal snuggled deep within will make the experience so much more pleasurable.

    Right now, as I’m writing this, my pussy is throbbing and has a wonderful full-up feeling. This is going to be a great toy for playing with on my own, but if my boyfriend wants to pleasure me with it, I sure won’t stop him!

  2. 4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I found the COQ-A-TEAL glass dildo to be a surprising addition to my bed side sex toy drawer. Although just 5″ in length, with the head perfectly proportioned to emulate the head of an erect penis, it really does make my toes curl and finds my g-spot with ease!

    As for anal play, I can use this dildo with no issues. Lube it up and slide it in. It also makes an easy anal plug to wear during the day. I tried this for an hour around the house and then took the dog for a walk. I couldn’t stop to talk to people though, I had a strong urge to get home and take my frustrations out on Mr. Monkey!

    A Touch Of Glass is a company I would recommend to anyone. They are polite and prompt, their packaging is discreet, delivery is quick and they make an effort with their customers. I also really like the Full Lifetime Guarantee that comes with their products. I’ve not seen this available from any other adult retail company.

    Would have given 5 stars if it was just a little bit longer. Try the COQ-A-TEAL glass dildo for yourself, you won’t regret it!

  3. 4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Although my wife and I came to the glass dildo party quite recently, we are certainly converts. We have purchased a Dimple Twist, Cherry Delight, Double-O and Passion Queen in the last eight months, and have recently added Coq-A-Teal to our collection.

    Our ‘gold standard’ dildo is the Dimple Twist. We both think this toy is incredible and works well with so much of our enjoyment in the bedroom. It complements cunnilingus amazingly well; provides a multitude of different sensations; and can coax orgasms with ease. The new dildo would have to be pretty special to rival this favourite or ours!

    Put simply, the Coq-A-Teal is excellent.

    It is a comfortable size and my wife regularly orgasms more than once as we use it to complement foreplay. It might be smaller than our other glass dildos but it certainly hits the right spots. She loves it.

    From my point of view, there is a note of practicality. During play, glass toys get slippery through natural and added lubrication. With the Dimple Twist, there is a handle with a ‘bobble’ on the bottom of the toy which I can slide between two of my fingers. This gives me total control of the dildo as I rotate it, thrust it, swirl it. It’s all very easy and instinctive. The Coq-A-Teal doesn’t have a bobble on the base and my fingers sometimes slip.

    But this is a minor gripe, and while I would love my trusty bobble during play, it doesn’t impede the avalanche of satisfaction the toy gives, and therefore comes highly recommended.

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I love cock, I love glass and I love the colour green. So I kinda feel this dildo was made just for me! Warmed to body temperature, lubed up and slid in feels simply sublime. I don’t have a deep vagina and the full 5 inches of Coq-A-Teal fills me up completely. Deep thrusting gets me off quickly. I take this naughty boy with me everywhere for the times I fancy a quickie, since it fits so well in a handbag. I have even been known to bang one out in the car at lunchtime! Fantastic!!

  5. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Regarding other toys from other sites, I’m usually turned off by their forms and colors. But this… this lovely green glass toy is amazing to behold. I really love the way it catches the light; all luxurious and green and smooooth. It even feels that way going in. This is my first glass toy and I don’t regret it at all!

    I actually got this to fulfill my fantasy to be naughty in secret when I go out for errands, not just be a toy to accompany my nights. I wanted a piece that could feel nice in either hole and stay put with the flared base. It does that wonderfully.

  6. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    My boyfriend said he had a surprise for me. OMG! It’s green, clean and oh so smooth. With a cock in one hole and ‘the Coq’ in the other, WOW orgasm city! Playing alone is just sublime anywhere, and like another user on here said, going out to dinner with Coq-A-Teal inside me is so naughty and nice. Tell your man what you’ve done before the sweet course, and you may not get straight home! Can’t wait to buy more glass dildos.

  7. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This morning my postie delivered something that I was, if truth be told, eagerly awaiting. With an innocent smile on my face I accepted the parcel and thanked him profusely. If only he had known what he was delivering!

    I really like that this glass dildo did not arrive in a superfluous display box. Instead it was well packaged in bubblewrap, wrapped in sealed plastic, nestling in a beautiful turquoise pouch. I took my time revealing it, savouring its weight in my palm as I did so, delighting at its sublime colour and smooth, smooth finish. At this point I was already feeling that lube would barely be needed!

    My expectations of this toy were high. Not my first, as I have a toy basket well-stocked with expensive toys of various types. However I am fairly new to glass play, COQ-A-TEAL being my third and the first I have bought primarily for anal play. I chose it for its beauty, size and shape. It is my first realistically-shaped glass dildo, too.

    Well, what’s to say? I have been sat at my desk for the past couple of hours, taking calls and ‘wearing’ my ‘COQ’ – firstly vaginally and then anally – with very little work being done! It is pure delight! Its shape slides in with ease and is, for me, very fulfilling, if you know what I mean. Just the right length and girth, especially anally. And surprisingly comfortable too. Walking around or rocking on my chair just enhances the pleasure, and the weight is very arousing.

    Not only is COQ-A-TEAL comfortable and deliciously stimulating to wear, it is also very easy to clean. And it is, of course, ideal for temperature play. Mine is now cooling down in a bowl of iced water – one of the great joys of glass dildos! I was trying to wait until this evening before engaging in some full on play with my ‘COQ’ but no chance! As soon as I’m finished writing this I’m off to my bedroom!

  8. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    With so much hype and tacky/shoddy products around, it’s a real treat to get a glass dildo of such high quality that really delivers on its promise. A tasteful website, good and discreet service, and amazing results! Thoroughly recommended and cannot fault.

  9. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I was referred to this lovely site by a good friend of mine – isn’t it amazing what us girls talk about over a coffee? Made even more amazing when she told me what she had slipped inside herself before meeting up!

    Yes, my oldest and dearest lifelong friend was sitting in Costa, sipping a latte, with the broadest smile I’ve ever seen on her face, and a green glass dildo tucked away inside her pussy! Shocked? Well I say so, and at the same time sufficiently aroused and excited to feel an increasing dampness to my knickers.

    I got home quickly that day, ordered Coq-A-Teal, had it delivered the very next day, and put to use pretty much immediately.

    Eagerly unpacking this little beauty and holding it in my hands for the first time rendered another pair of knickers fit for the wash! I knew by then that any added lubricant would not be necessary. A quick wash in warm soapy water, knickers round my ankles, and the smooth green glass slipped in so easily.

    I have a special loving relationship with my g-spot and wasn’t sure whether Coq-A-Teal was up to the kind of enthusiastic stimulation it responds best to. Hey, what was I worried about?

    The ridge on the penis-like head hits the spot perfectly. With short rapid flicks of the wrist and the fingers of my other hand inviting clit to the party, I came so hard my whole body shuddered from kness upwards… the muscles in my pussy contracted and clamped around the warm and wet glass… and I ended up slumped over the kitchen sink gasping and exhausted. Wow!

    I have used Coq-A-Teal several time since, in a more ‘controlled’ manner, with equally eye-popping results. Others on here have used the ‘Coq’ anally. I don’t do full-on anal, however I do enjoy sliding a finger into my bum while using Coq-A-Teal to get me off vaginally.

    Girls, this is by far one of the best glass dildos I have ever known and comes highly recommended.

    Now… just on my way out for coffee 😉

  10. 4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    The Coq-A-Teal is the first toy I have ever purchased for myself. I was looking for a glass dildo specifically, and after a lot of searching on different websites I fell in love with this little guy. It is a truly beautiful design and a joy to look at. The green color is unique and the sculpting is fantastic. The head is great for hitting my g-spot and feels amazing sliding in and out. It is rather small but that is what I was looking for in my first toy. Like others have said, it is the perfect fit to walk around with or leave in while doing more monotonous tasks to spice things up. This toy is beautiful, discreet and does the job very well. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because the indentations in the glass underneath the head are kind of difficult to clean. Otherwise, the product is excellent.

  11. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This is my second purchase from A Touch Of Glass. This particular glass dildo is of the same high quality as the first. Beautifully designed and crafted; always a pleasure to use. It’s a lot of fun to use either vaginally or anally. I have on numerous occasions, while feeling rather horny, pulled my knickers aside, slipped it into my pussy and carried on with whatever I was doing at the time, getting more and more aroused until I could take it no more. As my first venture in to anal toys, this one is ideal. Tried with a partner, I applied a little lube to the tip and slid it up his bum. Jumped on top and rode him until he came hard! A big hit all round. Now to try out some more from the collection…

  12. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I’ve always been curious about glass toys, something about the weight and temperature really appealed to me. After hunting around on the internet I came across A Touch Of Glass and knew straight away they were the toys for me. Just oozing style and quality.
    I decided to ease myself in gently and after much perusal plumped for the Coq-a-Teal. I was drawn to the colour, plus it didn’t look too overwhelming size wise if used anally.
    I must say I was expecting it to be slightly longer in reality, but the quality and feel was so beautiful I was quickly won over!
    The first time used it was fantastic. I was already pretty aroused so needed very little lube, and the feeling of the cold glass on my skin was incredible. My slight disappointment regarding size soon disappeared. The Coq-a-Teal feels much bigger than it looks! I had a very intense orgasm within a couple of minutes without having to include clitoral stimulation, which is very unusual for me. I’ve experimented a bit with different temperatures and for me, cold is the way to go. For me this glass dildo is best used anally. It’s the perfect size, inserts very easily, and feels comfortable and safe.
    If you are thinking about getting a glass toy for the first time then Coq-a-Teal is perfect. But be warned, glass dildos are a little addictive! Once you’ve tried one, all your other toys will pale in comparison.

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