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Sure to bring out your naughty side, this intriguing glass dildo proudly flouts a finger shaped head designed with no other purpose in mind than to tease, tickle, and tantalise your G spot into the most intense, gushing and full flowing orgasms. Ease in deeper and two delicious midnight blue orbs part the way for that unmistakable fuller feeling we all love when penetrated by such a beautiful specimen. The delicious smoothness of the glass head, shaft and orbs add to the pure pleasure-giving qualities given up freely by this luxurious glass dildo. You will not want to put this little temptress down.

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Additional Information
Overall Length

8.5 inches (213mm)

Insertable Length

7.5 inches (188mm)

Shaft Width

0.75 inch (19mm)

Maximum Width

1.25 inches (31mm)


Premium Quality Medical-Grade Borosilicate Glass


100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee, plus full LIFETIME Warranty


FREE UK 1st Class Recorded Delivery


Plain white, unbranded postal box


Loyalty Points worth £5, FREE 10ml EXS Silk Lube


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More about BLUE HEAVEN

More about BLUE HEAVEN

  •   Covered by unique LIFETIME WARRANTY for your continued peace of mind.
  •   Delivered FREE in the UK by 1st Class Recorded Delivery.
  •   Discreetly packaged and billed to protect your privacy.
  •   Loyalty bonus worth £5.
  •   50% off your next purchase when you review BLUE HEAVEN.

Please note: Because every BLUE HEAVEN is individually hand made by skilled artists, it is inevitable slight variations in colour, size, and decorative embellishments will exist between each. This is normal and will not adversely affect your enjoyment in any way. Equally of course, this means your very own BLUE HEAVEN glass dildo is truly unique to you.


Reviews (2)

2 reviews for BLUE HEAVEN

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Like its name, this glass dildo IS HEAVENLY!

    With a smooth shaft, bulbous end and a curved fingertip that sits perfectly on your g-spot, what else would you want?

    I love this dildo and can’t sing its praises enough. Blue Heaven does not disappoint.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I have to admit, I have a real weakness when it comes to glass dildos, especially those designed to excite the G spot. But I’ve never seen anything shaped quite like Blue Heaven before. Most dildos are bulbous, of a traditional curved style, and penis shaped. Blue Heaven, however, boasts a gently curved finger-shaped tip. This thinner design, coupled with the attractive midnight blue glass, makes it more appealing than the more common phallic shaped glass sex toys. Blue Heaven certainly looks beautiful.

    When using, to get the most pleasure out of your experience, don’t try to insert it all at once. Especially if you’re ‘petite’, shall we say. If, like me, you find inserting the whole 7″ of hard glass more uncomfortable than pleasurable, yet you still want to enjoy a fuller feeling, then just turn the dildo around and play with the orbed end. OK, perhaps the flat base at this end isn’t the best shape for insertion, but with ample lube, it’s easy and safe to slide in and very quickly becomes more about thrusting and how amazing those orbs feel inside you than anything else!

    When it comes to G-Spot stimulation, I have yet to use a glass dildo that works as well as Blue Heaven. Because the finger end is tapered, it does a great job of tickling and teasing. Using a back and forth motion, while pushing slightly upwards on the G spot really got me going. Imagine you’re beckoning with your index finger, gently and slowly. Of course we are all gloriously different. For me, no more than the tip of Blue Heaven needed to be inserted to hit the G-Spot.

    After using solo and with a partner, the only extra feature I think could be added to Blue Heaven to make it even more amazing is some sort of marking near the base, to help you or your loved one to know which way the tip is pointing. With lube and juices everywhere deep in the throes of passion, Blue Heaven can spin round and you can lose the delicious feel of that beautiful fingertip on your sweet spot.

    Apart from the glorious pleasure-giving qualities of glass sex toys, another advantage is how easy they are to keep clean. Simply wash in warm, soapy water and dry, or wipe over, with an antibacterial wipe or spray. This beautiful pleasure object is then ready to go for yet another session of passion.

    (Review submitted by Rose Crompton – a contributor to Cliterati)

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