The bedroom door swung silently open and I smiled as I saw Sophia, blindfolded and waiting for me, exactly as I’d asked. Her guileless devotion to my commands always excited me and I knew it excited her too. She knelt on the floor next to our bed, head bowed, hands resting on her thighs. She was stark naked except for the silken fabric wrapped tightly round her eyes and I allowed my gaze to wander up and down. She was a vision as I greedily took in every detail of her breasts and soft belly, the fuzz of hair just visible at the apex of her thighs. Totally gorgeous, and all mine.

I let the contents of my hands clink, just once, alerting her to my presence. A smile slowly broadened across her face.  I padded barefoot across the carpet towards the nightstand, as quietly as possible, and idly wondered if she had any inkling of what I was carrying. I’m sure I had a wicked glint in my eye as I set down my accessories for the evening. Knowing her, there would be a flash of wickedness in her expression too.

“Stand up, my love.” I said, and reached out to help her rise to her feet.

I took her hand and raised it to my lips, pressing a kiss against it. It was our secret signal, a promise from me that I’d keep her safe whatever game we were playing. Once she stood, I hooked my finger under her chin and turned her to face me. I pressed my lips on hers, loving the intimacy of our connection. I opened my mouth on hers and kissed deeper, wrapping my arms around Sophia to keep her close. One hand steadied the small of her back and the other wrapped round the nape of her neck. She fell into me with a moan, letting me explore her mouth with mine, allowing me to taste her. She wriggled against me when I slowly pulled my fingers down her back, and letting my hands come to rest on the curve of her buttocks. It was time to truly tease her, so I swatted her bottom. “On the bed, then.”

With cat-like grace she climbed onto our bed and wriggled back against the sheets, making a nest for her head in the pillows. Once settled, she took a deep, steadying breath and gave me a tiny nod. Needing no further encouragement, I reached out and took her left wrist, gently raising it above her head and attaching it to a soft leather cuff linked to the headboard. Sophia offered her other wrist and then her ankles, a sacrificial offering of herself to me, and I locked each limb in place until she lay like a starfish across the bed. There was something about the way she looked as she lay there, so vulnerable and trusting, that I couldn’t resist.

She shivered slightly as I trailed the back of my index and middle fingers slowly from her collarbone, down between her breasts and to her navel. Her skin was warm and smooth, and she moaned almost imperceptibly as I lowered my mouth to follow the path of my fingers. I grinned to myself as I let my mouth and digits dance lower, skirting over her pubic mound and down the crease of her thighs. My tiny teasing touches made Sophia moan again and raise her body towards me, as best as her bonds would allow.

“Not yet,” I whispered, bringing a finger up to her lips in warning. Her body relaxed back into the bed and she took a deep breath. “Good girl.” Sophia was always good for me.

I stepped back and watched her, moving round the bed to see all angles. The rise and fall of her ribs, the curve of her breast, and the gentle stretch of her thighs. Stopping at the foot of the bed, I ran my thumbs up the soles of her feet, watching her freeze at my initial touch, and then relax. I massaged the tension from her soles and toes, moving up to circle her ankle bone. Tight muscles relaxed beneath my grip. Sophia purred as I ran my hands up her calves and thighs, stopping to squeeze and release, squeeze and release. I did the same with her belly and breasts, moving upwards until I reached her shoulders. Resting my hands, I felt the rhythm of her breaths, in and out and in and out. A slow, familiar pattern. “Okay?” I asked, and she nodded in response. Familiarity told us both how our evening would continue to unfold. Only I’d decided to add a cold twist.

I reached over to the nightstand and picked up the glass dildo I’d brought up to the bedroom with me. It was a beautiful work of art, Sophia’s favourite. I’d hidden it in the refrigerator earlier to bring its temperature right down, and brought it up to the bedroom in a beaker of iced water.

Teased with a glass dildo

I touched the glass to Sophia’s left breast and watched goosebumps instantly form. She shivered and let out a small moan, so I smoothed it across her chest, circling round her breasts as she began to writhe beneath its icy touch. I brought it across her left nipple, making contact for the briefest of moments. The tiny bud puckered and swelled in response, and I sucked and swirled my tongue around it, a warm contrast to the cold glass.

Sophia moaned louder, moved harder against the cuffs. She pushed up her chest, pushing herself against my warmth, and then as I brought the glass back to her, tried to flatten herself against the bed. But she couldn’t, and I was relentless.

We played a game of hot and cold and push and pull stacked completely in my favour. There was nowhere she could move to. Wherever the glass dildo went, my mouth would follow, a clashing trail of warm and cold sensations. The uncompromising hardness of the glass versus my soft, yielding mouth. Down her neck, and across her collarbone. The creases of her knees and elbows and up the inside of her thighs. I moved ever closer to her core, tantalising my beautiful Sophia until she panted in anticipation and longing.

“Please,” she mewed, a hint of desperation in her voice as I skirted repeatedly across her mons.

“Please, what?” I asked, knowing exactly what she needed me to do. I wanted her to work for it though, knowing that she’d enjoy herself far more than if she had instantaneous relief. And there’s always something wonderful about her giving herself to me like this, allowing me to tease and caress and take control.

“Please, touch me, make me come.” Her voice was quiet, almost a murmur and I obligingly ghosted my fingers down between her legs, brushing them against her swollen clitoris. “No. More.” She bucked her hips up towards my fingers, greedily thrusting at me to apply more pressure. I was having none of it, and pushed one hand gently down on her belly and took my fingers away. A warning I was still in control and not to be played with. She sighed a reluctant acceptance and relaxed back onto the bed.

The glass was still cold, and I ran it back over Sophia’s breasts. She started at the sensation, her flesh still goose-pimpling in response. This time, when I reached the top of her thighs, I let the dildo slide lower. Sophia moaned again, holding her breath in, body still. She was so good for me and I rewarded her.

“You wanted this,” I said, stroking the smooth head of the cool glass dildo between her lips. She shook her head from side to side at the cold. “No?” I asked, feeling devilish, and pulled it away. Sophia couldn’t see me smiling at her internal struggle and pushed up her hips, a gesture that looked surprisingly lewd with her ankles spread out and her wet pussy on display.

She jerked as the cold, hard glass touched against her slick folds. I eased the dildo up and down the length of her labia, coating it with her juices and ran its tip across her clit, over and over. The dimples and spirals of the glass undulated across her flesh and I gently increased the pressure. The noises Sophia made were delightful, little grunts and groans of encouragement; they never failed to excite me. She bucked and writhed more vigorously and I moved position until I was perched between her legs.

I eased the dildo, inside her inch by slow inch, letting every bump and swirl push up against her g-spot. With Machiavellian patience, I slid it in and out and in and out, guided by her purrs and mewls of equal delight and frustration.

“More,” she said, her voice catching in her throat. “Please…”

“Keep still then.” I thrust the dildo harder, and ran my fingers up and down her labia. She was so wet, so ready for whatever I could do to her and I let out a moan myself, an involuntary noise which took me by surprise. I could wait though, now was Sophia’s time. Circling the pad of my thumb over her swollen clitoris, I eased it round in tight little movements. Her body tensed and she stilled, barely breathing. I knew how much her willpower was being stretched; the sheer effort it took her not to move in case my fingers stopped.

The closer she got to orgasm, the tighter her arms and legs, pulling against the restraints as I brought her ever closer to her release. Every time she nearly hit her peak, I took her along the edge, backing away and bring her there again. I played her body like an instrument, imagining that I was fine-tuning her stretched and naked form. She shuddered beneath my ministrations, moaning and stretching and a thin sheen of sweat had formed on her skin. “P…please…” her voice was strained with effort and I slowly slipped the dildo out, replacing it with two fingers. I hooked them upwards, circling on the rough patch just inside her vagina. My other thumb continued its circling on her clitoris and Sophia rewarded me by arching hard against her restraints.

“That’s it, come for me love.” The words poured out of my mouth as I watched her in awe. She bucked against my thumb, lowering her hips before repeating the motion, finding the pressure she needed.

“Don’t… stop…” she gasped. I didn’t, letting her take the lead. She came hard, clenching tightly against my fingers before collapsing back onto the bed, exhausted. I kept my hands in place, feeling her pulse in hard muscular contractions that rippled through her entire body.

Sophia relaxed more into the sheets and I gently manoeuvred myself round to lie next to her. She purred, and pressed against me, small and vulnerable, lost in her own bubble of ecstasy. Very slowly, I leaned over and released wrists and ankles, massaging the stiffness out of her limbs. She wriggled round and snuggled in, still purring.

“Shall I remove the blindfold?” I asked in a low voice, not wanting to disturb her reverie. She nodded; a slow up and down movement, and I reached round to untie the knot at the back of her head. Easing the fabric away to help her eyes acclimatise, I kissed her mouth hard. She responded, kissing me back with an unexpected ferociousness and spinning us round until she straddled me.

“You’re mean,” she said, taking my wrists in her hands and holding them above my head. I didn’t struggle; I wanted this too.

“Yep,” I nodded. “What are you going to do about it?”

She paused, a frown flickering across her face before she smiled. Sophia reached for the cuffs, fastening me down. They were still warm as she buckled them tight around my wrists. A surge of excitement flooded through me as she pulled the straps tighter to the bed. I loved it when she took her turn. And after what I’d just done? Oh, yes, she’d make me suffer. I heard the glass dildo drop tantalisingly into the ice cold water…

Anna Sky is a British writer of mostly BDSM and spanking erotica. She’s been published in multiple anthologies, has released her solo anthology ‘Naughty Shorts’, and is the founder of The Kinky Brits, a “spankingly good collective of kinky British writers”. She regularly attends readings and erotica events in the UK but can also be found behind the dim light of her Kindle late into the night, seeing what naughty words her fellow authors have come up with. Apart from that she is (in no particular order) a geek, red wine drinker, poi hurler, Firefly fan, has a very dirty laugh and loves to perform research for her stories. Find Anna on Twitter @iamannasky or on her website

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