Her lips tasted like honey, sweet and with a hint of wildflowers, and the promise of a wicked romp. And when she took the kiss deeper, their tongues danced and dueled for control.

Tonya Evans abruptly pulled away, her breath coming in uneven gasps. “You kissed me!”

“You were standing under the mistletoe.”

“That’s still no reason to kiss me!”

Bridgette Anderson watched as Tonya took another step back. Both women had dressed as naughty elves for the Christmas party, Bridgette in a short green dress with a ragged bottom and green calf length boots, and Tonya in a short red dress, lined with white fur at the bottom, a red Santa hat, and candy cane striped stockings that ended halfway up her slender thighs. A pair of thighs that Bridgette had fantasized about for the past three years.

Friends since college, the two women were as different as night and day. Tonya was the wild one, an unabashed lesbian, fun and outgoing, with a personality that drew women to her like moths to a flame. A flame that evidently burned very bright and very hot, if the rumors Bridgette had heard were true.

Bridgette, was just the opposite, quiet, uncomfortable with crowds and focused on her job.

She’d had a secret crush on the other woman almost since they’d met. And now that they were finally alone, she intended to do something about it.

And if it didn’t work out?

Well, she could always claim she’d hit the eggnog a little too hard at the party.

Bridgette closed the distance between them, and reaching out, grabbed the other woman’s hand. “Since we’re all alone now, I intend to find out if the reputation you have is truly as great as I’ve heard.”

“Oh it is,” she said, smiling. “But are you sure about this?”

Bridgette’s eyes dropped, lingering on the exposed cleavage of the other woman, and she bit her lower lip. Was she sure?

She’d spent too many sleepless nights already fantasizing about Tonya. About their bodies intertwined in her bed. The feel of her lips as Tonya kissed her, her mouth working its way across her bare skin, lingering in all the right places. The touch of a woman who knew what she was doing and who knew just how to please her.

Was she sure?

She’d never been more sure of anything in her life. And the idea of seeing all of Tonya naked body was making her wet. And she knew deep down, that she was tired of making love to imaginary Tonya. Even if it might ruin their friendship, she needed to get her out of her system.

Was she sure?

“Hell yes I’m sure,” she said, more to herself than to the woman staring back at her with a mischievous smile on her lips.

Tonya tilted her chin up with one hand, forcing Bridgette to look into her eyes. “Have you ever been with a woman?”

Her answer came too quickly. “Yes.”

She hadn’t, but she’d never tell Tonya that. She’d done the college thing of course, kissing another girl at a frat party once when she’d had a little too much to drink, but that had been it.

It was an experience that had tainted every relationship she’d had with men since then. They’d kiss her, and she’d compare it to that kiss.

Men had always fallen short. When they kissed her. When she’d slept with them. And if Tonya had a three date rule before she moved on to the next woman, she’d become the one date queen.

Tonya laughed. A deep down belly laugh, that bent her over, and threatened to hurt the other woman’s feelings.

“This was such a bad idea,” Bridgette said, turning to leave. “Look. I’m so sorry. I… I didn’t mean it.”

Tonya reached out and stopped her. “Yes you did. It’s just…”

“That you don’t find me attractive?”

It was Tonya’s turn to study the other woman’s figure, and it was a look that was full of promise, frank and appraising. “Yes. I find you attractive. But are you really sure about this?”

“More than you know.”

“We’ll see about that,” she said as she led her off to the kitchen.

“Where are we going?”

“To the kitchen first. I think we both need a glass of wine. And even though you said no presents tonight, I’m thinking that what I got you is going to turn into the perfect gift.”

“But we said no gifts. I … I didn’t get you anything.”

“You just did, now come on.”

Once in the kitchen, Tonya quickly poured each of them a glass of wine, and Bridgette took a glass and drank it quickly.

Tonya raised her eyebrows and refilled the glass, and when Bridgette immediately raised it to her lips, she reached out and stopped her. “Slow down. When I said we could both use a glass of wine, I didn’t mean that I thought you needed to get drunk. If you’re still sure you want to go through with this, I want you fully aware. Not drunk, okay?”

She set the glass down. “You said you had a present for me?”

“I did. It’s in the bedroom.”

Bridgette raised her eyebrows.

The corners of Tonya’s mouth twitched into a Mona Lisa smile and she crooked a finger. “Come on,” she said and led her down the hall to the bedroom.

Even though the two women had been friends for years, this was the first time Bridgette had seen the other woman’s bedroom, and as Tonya stepped through the door, Bridgette paused to examine the room.

Red was the only way she could think to describe it. The walls of the room were painted burgundy with white crown moulding near the ceiling while the floor was covered in a deep red carpet. Candles lit the room and cast flickering shadows across the walls. Under a vaulted ceiling a queen sized four poster bed with dark wood sat in the center and its sides were draped in white gauze.

It was one of the most romantic rooms she’d ever seen, perfect in each and every detail, the only thing out of place was the Star Trek uniform hanging from a hanger on the door at the far end of the room. Bridgette couldn’t believe how arousing the room was. And the idea of laying on the bed with a naked Tonya was making her wet, making her tingle in all the right places.

“You’re a Trekkie?”

“I’m a lot of things Bridgette. Now, are you just going to stand there gawking or are you going to come in?” she asked. “Unless you’ve changed your mind.”

“Come here,” Tonya said and stretched a hand out to her. “I don’t bite. At least not hard.”

Crossing the room, she grasped the other woman’s hand and stood there, waiting expectantly.

“Ready for your present?”


Tonya opened the drawer on the nightstand, quickly removing a gift box wrapped in black glossy paper, and handed it to her.

“Go ahead and open it.”

Quickly unwrapping the box, Bridgette slid the top of the box off, and gasped at what lay inside.

It was a glass dildo and it was beautiful, crystal clear with a spiral of red twisting along its length, and red dimples. It took Bridgett’s breath away as she imagined just what Tonya might do to her with it.

Tonya stood at her back and rested her chin on her shoulder. “Like it? It’s called Cherry Delight.”

“I’m sure it is.”

“Told you it’d come in useful tonight,” she whispered in her ear then placed a gentle kiss on her neck, sending a shiver down her spine, then pulling her long blond hair back, trailed her lips up to her ear, and nipped it lightly.

“Last chance to run,” she said. “But if you stay – I promise it’ll be a night you’ll never forget.”

Tonya’s fingers trailed down her arms, skimming their way lightly over her skin, and Bridgette shivered.


She nodded, unable to speak.

“I promise you won’t be for long. Now I want you to close your eyes. And Bridgette…”


“I want you to do whatever I say. If you agree, then I promise it’ll be the hottest sex you’ve ever had.”

Nodding her head again, Bridgette closed her eyes, and felt Tonya’s lips on her neck again, soft and gentle, and in the darkness behind her closed lids she was forced to concentrate on the touch of the other woman’s mouth. And as she continued to kiss her gently she felt hands at the zipper that ran up the back of her costume.

She felt hands at her shoulders, slowly sliding the dress down, and felt it drop to her feet.

“Go ahead and step out of it,” Tonya said and Bridgette obeyed.

As she stood there, braless, wearing nothing but a red lace thong and the knee high boots, Bridgette felt vulnerable and self-conscious, thankful her eyes were closed, and she moved her hands to cover her breasts, but Tonya gently removed them.

“You are truly beautiful.” She heard her say, and she felt fingers brush across her nipples. “You have no idea do you?” she heard her ask as she felt her tongue swipe across first one nipple then the other.

“Umm. So nice.” she heard Tonya say, and then felt the other woman’s thumbs on her nipples briefly before her hands trailed down her sides, and a finger rest against her clit. “And so wet. I think maybe we should get you out of those so I can taste that sweet little pussy of yours.”

And before Bridgette could respond, the other woman had slipped her thong off and slid it down and off of her.

She’d felt self-conscious before, but as Tonya slipped the thong over her boots, kissing her thighs, and then she felt one slow lick across her clit and she gasped, her hands moving forward to hold the other woman’s head against her, and Tonya responded eagerly, tasting her, but only for a moment before she felt her pull away.

From behind closed lids she heard Tonya laugh. “Aren’t we the little minx?” she asked. “I’ll get back to that in a moment, but I want you to hold still for a moment,” she said. “And remember, eyes closed,” she commanded and then she felt a sharp sting, and a hand on her bare ass.

A moment later, Tanya commanded her to open her eyes.

Bridgette’s eyes widened at the sight of the other woman’s naked body. Her lean body, the pebbled nipples, and the Brazilian wax all combined to take her breath away.

“Are we ready to play for real now, Bridgette?”

“Yes. Most definitely yes,” she answered, her voice trembling almost as much as her legs.

Taking her by the hand Tonya led her to the bed, throwing back the comforter to reveal the most blindingly white set of silk sheets she’d ever seen, and patted the bed.

“Up you go. I want you on your back and then spread your legs,” she said, her voice cracking.

Her pussy exposed to the other woman, heat shot through Bridgette’s body.

“Now bend your knees and place your feet on the bed.”

Eager for Tonya to join her, Bridgette reached out for her but she danced away, doing a pirouette and bowing to her.

“Patience, Bridgette,” she said, laughing as she reached for the gift box she’d had Bridgette open before and pulled the glass dildo out. “You probably don’t need any lube, but let’s play it safe, okay?”

Not trusting her voice, all she could do was nod yes.

Tonya reached for Bridgette’s hands, and lifted them up towards the headboard of the large ornate bed. “I want you to grasp the headboard, and whatever you do, don’t let go. Okay?”

Bridgette nodded and as she watched Tonya climb up on the bed next to her, lust flooded her body.

“Such a perfect body,” she said as she bent to kiss her breast, her tongue swirling around the pebbled nipple, and Bridgette gasped at the pleasure she felt, and then as Tonya sucked the nipple into her mouth she arched her back, fighting the urge to remove her hands and hold the other woman’s head.

As Tonya moved from nipple to nipple, her tongue teasing and flicking back and forth across her nipples, Bridgette moaned. She’d fantasized about this, but the dreams she’d had were a pale comparison to the touch of the other woman’s mouth on her body, and when she trailed a finger along the length of the lips of her pussy, she thought she’d die, her pulse racing and her body trembling.

“You are so wet,” Tonya purred, and then she touched Bridgette with the glass dildo. First running it up the inside of one thigh, across her pussy, and then down the other thigh, and Bridgette whimpered, eager for the feel of the smooth glass inside her as she shifted her hips.

“Please,” she begged.

Tonya slowly moved the dildo up her thigh, then touched her clit with it, only to move it slowly away again before moving it back.

“Please Tonya. Please.”

Tonya looked into her eyes and smiled, and then kissed her, and using a combination of her fingers and the tip of the smooth glass dildo slipped it inside Bridgette.

Filled with lust, Bridgette spread her legs wider, eager to be filled, and Tonya slipped the dildo inside her, gently moving it in and out, in and out, a little deeper each time, and then as Bridgette began to move uncontrollably on the bed, she slowed her pace, drawing the orgasm out until Bridgette broke the kiss, her voice coming in little shrieks until finally, her body trembling with her pussy muscles clenched around the glass as her orgasm exploded and she thrashed on the bed.

Gasping for breath, she removed her hands from the headboard, and she held Tonya in her arms as she waited for her body to return to normal, her fingers idly playing with the other woman’s breasts.

Finally, her body back under control, she drew Tonya into a deep sensual kiss, and then pulled away. “That was so… amazing. But I have one thing I want to ask you,” she said as she moved up onto her knees to look Tonya in the eyes.

“And what’s that?” she asked, a puzzled look on her face.

Bridgette looked across the room at the Star Trek uniform, and raised her eyebrows.

“That? I thought about wearing that instead of the naughty elf costume tonight. Although I’m thinking now that maybe I should have.”

“Why? I like you in the elf costume,” she said and then winked. “And even better out of it.”

Tonya giggled and held up the glass dildo. “Remember the opening to the old show?” She asked. “Space. The final frontier.”

“I remember.”

Tonya touched the glass to Bridgette’s pussy and held it there, then giggled. “Glass. The Final Frontier.”

Bridgette winked back at her and then trailed a series of kissed down Tonya’s stomach, then stopped and ran her tongue across the other woman’s clit.

“Since you’ve gone all Trekkie on me,” she said as she looked up to smile wickedly at the woman she’d crushed on for so long and who’d brought her so much pleasure. “In that case, maybe… ”

“Maybe what?”

“Maybe it should’ve continued… Our Mission: To boldly go where no man has gone before,” she said, dropping her head to explore new frontiers.

“NICE AND NAUGHTY” has been written exclusively for A TOUCH OF GLASS by erotica author Nikki Caine. Nikki writes short sexy tales. Think of the last romance novel you read, where you skipped ahead to the good parts. Nikki’s short stories are the good parts! Visit her website for more titles in her popular series of erotic tales.

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