Masturbation Tips For Women

how to masterbateIf you’re comfortable with the idea of masturbating and the way you plan to go about it presents no risk of harming yourself, then go for it. For us women, masturbating to orgasm is a fantastic way of enjoying ourselves with no-strings, deeply satisfying sexual gratification.

So if you’d liked to learn a little more about how to masterbate and find the most effective masturbation techniques and methods, then let’s take a look

Getting in the mood

First of all, set up a comfortable and relaxing environment for yourself – be it the bedroom, a warm bath, or the shower. If you are going to use sex toys as masturbating aids, then place them, and a good quality lubricant, close to hand. Set the mood by reading an erotic story, or watching a naughty film. Or think of a past sexual experience that really turns you on. Or fantasize about one you’d really like to have. Now slide your hand around and over your vagina. Opening her petals for you and feeling ready? Good. Now let’s get down to business

Stimulating your clitoris

Women are very lucky, we have a clitoris. The clitoris has no function in life other than to please us sexually – so use it more and stop missing out on the divine pleasures of such a glorious heaven-sent gift.

To stimulate your clitoris use hands, fingers, knuckles, shower head, running water, vibrator, dildo… or rub up against something like a pillow or cushion gripped between your legs. The clitoris exists purely for sexual pleasure. Nothing else. This is something totally unique to women. So enjoy yourself girls!

The majority of women are unable to orgasm unless their clitoris is stimulated in some way. Some women prefer clitoral stimulation when aroused or ‘turned on’, since the clitoris is so sensitive. Whereas other women can find clitoral stimulation ineffective for bringing on orgasm and they’d rather seek out the g-spot. Remember, we are all fabulously different. So try different things and experiment with yourself.

Getting down to business

Woman masterbating on kneesUsing your fingers, rub, stroke, or pinch your clitoris and also smooth and caress the area surrounding it.

One very effective masturbation method is to hold the skin around the clitoris between your thumb and forefinger and rub together.

Also try sliding a finger or two just inside your vagina entrance from the top, and pressing down on your clitoris as you do so.

The clitoris is a mini penis, though much more sensitive. So play with it, stroke it, caress it, excite it.

When you feel the urge start rubbing a little more vigorously, especially from side to side, and give your now eager clitoris a gentle slap with your fingers every now and then. Don’t be surprised if your juices are flowing freely by now.

The shower head can be a wonderful masturbation aid too. A head where you can adjust the stream of water from a steady gentle stream and then to a more powerful jet spray will be the most exciting. Just be careful to not blast strong streams of water up into your vagina for a long period of time because it can cause an air embolism. This is not nice.

Vibrators too are a great aid to masturbating. Try several different ones on different days and for the different moods you’re in. There are so many to choose from. Variety is the spice of life, is it not? Hold the vibrator up against your clit to feel the maximum effect. If you find your clitoris gets too sensitive, try moving the vibrator around the general area and between your vaginal lips. If the vibrations are too strong, put some fine material between you and the vibrator to reduce the intensity. Silk knickers work best for this and feel simply divine.

Stimulating your vagina

Sometimes you’ll fancy nothing more complicated than full vaginal penetration. This means it’s time for a dildo. There are many types and styles of dildo available and are great for when you crave basic and simple penetrative pleasure, enhanced by deep thrusting. Get out your favourite dildo, lube it up and slip into a warm bath for a serious pleasure-giving session. You just can’t beat it. For really intense and deeply satisfying masturbating, insert and thrust with a dildo while holding a mini vibrator or bullet (a water-proof one for the bath or shower) to your clitoris with your other hand.  Simply mind-blowing. A word of warning though if you are standing up, this WILL make your knees weak and wobbly.

Stimulating your G spot

There are many sex toys on the market specifically made to seek-out and stimulate the g-spot. Glass dildos work well at this because they are hard and do not flex. Not only are glass dildos clean, hygienic, very slippery when wet, and safe to insert into yourself, they are also particularly effective for g-spot masturbation, mainly because you feel fuller and particularly well penetrated. However, if you know how to find your g-spot and can manipulate and stimulate it with your fingers, then by all means do soalthough most women will find it easier to use some form of masturbating aid.

Note: For tips on how to enjoy wonderful masturbation sessions using a glass dildo, click here to read “How To Masturbate With A Glass Dildo”.

Stimulating your anus

Anal MasturbationThe anus is an extremely sensitive area of your body with literally thousands of very sensitive nerve endings. It’s not as ‘hardy’ as your vagina and holds a lot of muscle tension. Please be careful with your bum. Get it wrong and anal penetration can be associated with injury, pain and misery. However, when given some loving care and attention, it can take sexual pleasure to a whole new level.

Explore the area around your anus. Gently probe with a finger by rubbing or tickling. When you’re happy you can take a finger, try slowly inserting a small anal sex toy. Use LOTS of lubricant. Unlike your vagina, your anus does not produce its own lubricant.

For safe anal play, ALWAYS use a slippery sexual stimulator (like a glass dildo) that also has a distinctly flared base like LOVE JEWEL, COQ-A-TEAL or DIMPLE TWIST

Once you’ve mastered safe anal penetration with a suitable anal dildo (and you enjoy it) slide another one into your vagina while exciting your clitoris with your fingers or a small bullet vibrator.

Don’t forget

Your breasts

touching, rubbing, fondling and even attaching nipple clamps can be surprisingly exciting. If your breasts are large enough, try licking your nipplesYour breasts are a fabulous erogenous zone that should not be ignored during all kinds of sex play, including masturbation.

And finally

Remember girls, there is no right or wrong way for how women masturbate and how to pleasure yourself sexually. Experiment to find out what works best for you. You don’t have to be stripped naked, just relax and explore your body to find out what feels good for you. Experiment with everything, stay safe, and above all else… enjoy yourself. The whole point of masturbation and sexual self-stimulation is to have fun 😉 Enjoy!

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