How To Avoid Injuring Yourself With Cheap Glass Dildos

Broken Cheap Glass DildoAccording to the findings of the research project ‘Women, Sex and Shopping’, run by the eminent market analyst company The Hewson Group, close on 100 million women worldwide (primarily North America, Northern Europe and Australia) are regular users of sex toys – 76% of which owned some form of dildo.

Not wishing to overshadow the joys of owning a dildo, but it’s an unfortunate fact as the state of the economy takes its toll and tightens its grip, that many women are being forced to economise on their dildo purchasing.

You may be thinking ‘what’s wrong with that?’. Well, in the case of glass dildos, buying cheap can be downright dangerous.

Budget (sub £20) glass dildos – seen pretty much everywhere over the Internet these days – are cheap because the manufacturer has almost certainly skimped heavily on the quality of materials used and the method of manufacture employed.

Make no mistake, top quality glass dildos are expensive for a reason.

Without exception, the very best and highest quality glass dildos are manufactured using a process known as annealing, from a specially toughened material called borosilicate glass – of which Pyrex is probably the best known brand name. Ordinary glass just isn’t tough enough for use as a sex toy, neither does it possess the shatter-proof qualities of borosilicate glass.

It’s worth noting here that under controlled laboratory testing a 25mm (1 inch) thick, 200mm (8 inch) long rod of pure borosilicate glass took a massive force of 680kgs to snap in half that’s the equivalent weight of five REALLY heavy people!

So what would you rather insert into your vagina or anus? Standard, easily breakable window glass or supremely tough, shatter-proof, and temperature resilient borosilicate glass?

Always ask yourself why the glass dildo you like the look of, or the one that catches your eye, seems like a deal simply too good to be true.

Why so cheap?

To discover why, don’t be afraid to ask the retailer the following 4 critical questions, and be prepared to move on if you feel even the slightest bit uncomfortable with any of their answers:

  1. Is it made out of 100% borosilicate glass? Ordinary glass could break inside you and cause horrific injuries.
  2. Is it solid throughout? Some cheap, far-eastern imports use a mould to form a hollow glass tube which is filled with coloured liquid to give the impression of solid glass. Again, this could break or crack inside you, spilling heaven knows what inside your vagina.
  3. Are the coloured decorations and embellishments made from solid borosilicate glass infused at the time of manufacture into the main shaft? Cheap glass dildos all too often have patterns painted on the head and shaft which can flake off inside you. Unpleasant in itself but who’s to know whether the paint used is lead-free or not? Probably not.
  4. Is it brand new and security sealed in a sterile environment at source? Here’s the real shocker some cheap glass dildos currently found on the open market are second-hand and being sold as new! Now, you don’t want to be buying a used sex toy at the risk of contracting something nasty do you? The thought of a previously used dildo is nothing short of cringe-worthy.

The message?

A cheap glass dildo is cheap for a reason an expensive glass dildo costs more for a reason – demonstrated and exhibited by the huge gulf between the comparative levels of quality, personal safety and comfort.

Please be careful. More glass dildo facts here.