The new toy had arrived in the morning: a strap-on vibrator with a wireless remote. As I unwrapped it, I remembered nearly creaming myself as I read its description on the sex toy website. The possibilities for sexual adventures seemed endless.

Made of purple plastic and shaped like a butterfly, the vibrator was about three inches across. Thin gold straps held it in place over the Mound of Venus. A small plastic finger, less than a half-inch long, pointed down from the bottom of the device. If it fitted correctly, the finger would nestle in my pussy folds, just above my clitoris.

Excited by the arrival of my new purchase, I pulled off my jeans, stepped through the straps and snugged it up over my panties. It was like putting on a thong. In spite of the rather flimsy thin straps, it fitted tight on my mound. The little finger pointing down from the body of the device was, indeed, positioned right over my clit.

I took it off and inserted the batteries. The little remote, smaller than a disposable lighter, already had battery installed. I hit the on button and the vibrator started buzzing. It was a strong buzz, and, I was pleased to hear, not very loud.

This was going to be fun.

The thought of masturbating with my new toy in a public setting – a city park, a coffee shop or while driving in my car – set me on fire. Reading the online description of the device, I imagined myself in all kinds of situations, flicking the vibrator on and off, teasing myself to higher levels of arousal, while controlling my demeanor so as not to give myself away.

My heart started pounding from my fantasies. I actually lubricated while looking at the picture of a three-inch, butterfly-shaped gizmo on the website!

It was beautiful, warm spring day and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I put on a light summer skirt, and a knit jersey cotton top, comfortable and not low-cut, over a bra. I can usually get away without wearing one, but for today it might help conceal any visible signs of sexual excitement. Meaning, of course, two very erect nipples, assuming everything went to plan.

I wore a comfortable pair of sandals. No stockings or anything else restricting. I tied my shoulder-length blonde hair back and I was ready to go.

Now for the finishing touch to my ensemble. I hiked up my skirt, stepped through the straps and snugged my new toy against my mound. I pulled on a pair of panties, smoothed my skirt and looked in the mirror.

I was pleased and excited that the device fitted well and was unobtrusive under my modest, mid-calf skirt. I stepped out of my house and walked to our local college for some people watching – and a pussy-pleasing orgasm or two (or three).

It was such a warm spring day, with lots of people out enjoying the weather. My favorite bench, across from the library and set back under an oak tree, was all mine.

Settling on the bench, I took the remote out of my purse and gave it a squeeze. The breeze rustling the leaves and the sound of traffic rendered the buzz between my legs inaudible. I was already excited just thinking about what I was about to do – a public jill-off! A chill shot up my spine as I envisioned the exquisite agony of controlling my responses to a bone-shattering orgasm in an outdoor setting. I could always flick the remote if I started to lose control.

It only took a moment for the buzz between my legs to broadcast little waves of pleasure through my pelvis. Pinpricks of pleasure ran up my spine. A pool of liquid delight formed at the base of my spine and threatened to spill out. OMG! This was getting so intense so fast.

I clicked it off.

My hand went to my throat, like a matron shocked by the sight of an exposed ankle at a Victorian soiree. I coughed demurely and straightened my skirt. My exterior under control, I did an internal check. My pussy throbbed, while both nipples stood at full attention and pushed against the fabric of my bra. I resettled myself, shifting my hips as I clutched my purse in my lap. This was so much fun!

A tall and statuesque woman came out of the library and started down the steps. Her breasts jiggled deliciously under her tee shirt – she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra, which made me happy.

It was time for action. I clicked the toy on.

I’m not a lesbian, but I like looking at attractive women. If there weren’t hot guys around, she would do just fine. What’s not to admire in a youthful female body on a fine spring day? She flounced toward me, then turned and walked by. Her ass was poured into her jeans.

I spread my legs. The gossamer fabric of my panties was soaked. My juices flowed, and I knew my pussy lips were slick. The vibrations went through my ass to the hard bench and bounced back, amplifying their intensity. The muscles of my vagina tightened, and my asshole throbbed. This was exactly what I’d wanted the toy to do.

As I squirmed and clenched my teeth, I knew an orgasm was on its way. The sexual energy moved up my spine, over my shoulders, and to my breasts, tingling beneath my light, summer-weight top. I fought the urge to splay my legs and plunge two fingers into my slick hole. Gripping my purse, I squeezed hard.

As if on cue, two co-eds in cut-offs walked by, boobs bouncing and their tight little asses twitching.

I switched it off. My breath came in short spurts as I sat upright on the bench. If I looked anything like I felt, a concerned citizen would be compelled to call the fire department.
I was so zoned out and close to coming I hadn’t noticed the woman who’d seated herself next to me.

“Beautiful day, huh?”

I must have jumped an inch. She was thirtyish, with blonde hair just past her ears, and dressed demurely in a long skirt and embroidered blouse. She was even prettier than the woman with the bouncing breasts, and I was primed. I sucked in my breath.

“Gorgeous,” I replied. Miraculously, I got the word out without my voice breaking.

She smiled, looking me up and down with a knowing look. “You seem to be enjoying yourself.”

She had that right. Had she been watching me? I was just this side of an orgasm, my pussy throbbing, and getting off was my number-one priority. This woman was so good-looking and so nonthreatening, I decided to be truthful.

I returned her smile. “I’m masturbating.”

She turned toward me and leaned in, crossing one leg over the other, her hands folded in front of her.

“Mind if I watch?”

That was music to my ears. I flicked it on. The combination of buzzing on my clit and this beautiful woman’s direct gaze catapulted me to the edge. I gripped my knees with my hands in an effort not to scream. The waves of pleasure emanating from my pussy had spread through my body to my fingers and toes. I closed my eyes and my throat emitted a low moan.
The woman leaned in even closer. “It’s all right. There’s no one near. You can come now.”

A unique blend of heat and fireworks exploded in my loins, traveling through my muscles and blood, up my neck, and out the crown of my head. My pussy spasm’d as pleasurable bursts wracked my body. I gasped and, with a huge effort, stifled the reflex to cry out. The intensity of my climax nearly knocked the breath out of me. I switched off the remote.

As my orgasm ebbed and my breathing slowed, I relaxed and leaned against the bench. I opened my eyes. She was still there, still smiling.

“Thank you. I really enjoyed watching you come.”

Incapable of speech, I smiled back.

She put a hand on my knee. “How do you do it?”

I held up the remote. It was a miracle I hadn’t crushed it in my hand. “A strap-on vibrator with a remote.”

Her eyes lit up. “What a great idea.”

“I just got it today.”

She leaned in to me. “Sorry if this sounds a little forward, but…I’m so horny I’m ready to explode. My apartment is right over there.” Her eyes indicated a low-rise building behind us.
I must have looked startled. My plans, as degenerate as they were, didn’t include getting picked up by a lesbian.

“Don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to do anything. It’s just that after watching you, I want to pleasure myself. And be watched. I don’t have the equipment to do it out here.” Her smiling face radiated friendliness.

I relaxed. Nothing wrong with that. “Just return the favor?”

“Just return the favor. Please.”

She stood. I got up slowly, a little wobbly. The echoes of my orgasm were still bouncing around my body, pinballing between my nipples, my clit, my pussy, and my ass. It felt delicious. And, frankly, I was ready for another go.


I followed her though the door of her apartment. Books were piled everywhere, which put me at ease. The small apartment was cluttered, but comfortable. I’d call the décor early grad student.
“A glass of wine?” the woman asked. She went into the kitchen. “We never introduced ourselves,” she said over her shoulder. I heard the tinkle of glasses.

“I’m Alison,” I said.


Kate set two wine glasses down and excused herself. I scanned the book titles. Lots of art and fiction. I wondered how this was going to go.

Imagine my surprise when Kate re-entered the room. She was naked. And her body was spectacular – curvy from shoulders to hips, medium-sized breasts with erect nipples pointing up, a round ass and flat stomach.

“We know what we’re here for, right?” she said, turning around to present her ass to me before settling onto the recliner. She threw a leg up on the upholstered arm. I gazed directly at her shaved pussy. Her outer labia were dark red, the inner lips long. She reached for a bottle of lube on the coffee table, poured some in her hand, and stroked herself between her legs.

“I haven’t been this worked up in months,” she said, one hand holding her pussy lips apart while the other traveled the length of her slit. “It’s your fault. Watching you bring yourself to an orgasm was incredible.”

“I didn’t see you at all. What tipped you off? Was it obvious?”

She moved a hand to her breast, fluttering her fingertips on a nipple. “First, it was the serene look on your face. No, that’s wrong. It was that you’re so damn beautiful.”
A surge of heat moved from my throat to my face. I probably blushed.

“Don’t worry, you weren’t obvious,” Kate continued. “And I wasn’t staring. I sat on the next bench over and kept glancing. Then I saw your face get red and your breathing quicken.”

I remembered the moment and felt a tingle between my legs.

“Your posture got straighter, your eyes half-closed. I thought to myself, hmm, either this woman’s playing with herself or she has a really vivid imagination.”

“Both, actually.”

Her index finger swirled on her clit as she squeezed and fondled her breast. I couldn’t take my eyes off her vulva. Her swollen labia glistened with moisture. This was the first time I had ever watched a woman masturbate. Unless, of course, you counted all the times I touched myself in front of a mirror. Reaching into my purse, I found the remote and clicked it on.
Kate smiled when she heard the buzz.

As the friendly vibrations resumed in my crotch, I pulled my top up and freed a breast from my bra. Then I pushed down the other cup and hefted both boobs in my hands. This is where a strap-on vibrator gets really, well, handy. Both hands were free to play with my breasts.

Kate, watching intently as I pleasured myself, licked her lips. Moving her other hand to her pussy, she inserting first one, then two fingers into her vagina. She hiked her other leg up on the other arm of the chair. She was fully splayed to me.

Thanks to the merciless buzzing on my clit, my next orgasm loomed. I put a hand between my legs and felt my distended clit. My labia hadn’t recovered from the orgasm in the park and were swollen and wet. I put my palm on my vulva and the vibrations from the buzzer filled my crotch. I slid a finger, then another one, into my vagina, which was tight and wet. I finger-fucked myself up to my third knuckle.

I was about to turn the vibrator off when Kate started to gasp and moan. Her wild convulsions lifted her hips off the chair. As she plunged her fingers frantically into her cunt, her other hand worked her clit in fast circles. Kate cried out, jerking with each spasm that crashed through her.

As I watched her come, I held my breath to stave off my impending orgasm. It wasn’t working. As the buzzer bore into my clit, hot bolts of ecstasy surged through my pussy. My muscles clenched around my fingers, my torso jerking violently, as I came moments after Kate. I moaned and whimpered as the waves of pleasure crashed over me. Juices poured out of me. I cried out as the device between my legs drove me to a screaming orgasm.

We both flopped back in our chairs, breathing hard.

After a minute or so, the sexual energy ebbed. We reached for our wineglasses at the same time and laughed.

Kate spoke first. “Wow.”

“I’ll say.”

She got up and stood in front of me. Her throat and breasts were flushed, her nipples fully erect, her labia thick and open between her legs. Savoring her magnificent body, Kate ran her hands down her sides, over her stomach and bare mound, over her thighs and down her ass. She had just taken command of her body, and now she was showing it off once again, just for me. She fell to her knees in front of me and laid her forearms on my legs.
“I’d like you to get more comfortable.”

That sounded like a great idea. My boobs were hanging out and my skirt was hiked to my waist. I undid the bra clasp between the cups and pulled my top over my head. I undid my skirt and pulled it free. All that was left were my panties and the vibrator, with its skinny gold straps.

“All of it.”

I pulled my underwear off and removed the vibrator. We were both naked.

“I want to stroke that pretty pink pussy,” Kate growled, pushing my knees apart.

Like I said, I’m not a lesbian. But what does that mean? She was beautiful, and we’d just shared such an intimate moment. We were two turned on, needy people in the right place at the right time. I craved her touch – from what I’d just seen, she’d know what she was doing. I wanted to run my hands over her body and feel her heat. Yeah, I wanted to make her come again.

Her eyes locked to mine. She ran her fingers along my slit, eliciting a low moan from my throat. I slid down to the edge of the couch, my legs spread like a whore. A fingertip found my erect, sensitive clit, standing at attention, and circled it slowly. I moved a hand to my breast and cupped it, gently rolling a nipple between thumb and forefinger.

“I want to show you what a knowing mouth can do,” Kate said. “But before I do that…”

She put her hands to my face and we touched lips. I opened my mouth, and her tongue entered me. Her lips were soft, softer than any lips I’d ever kissed. My crotch turned liquid. I moaned into her mouth as our kiss deepened. Her hand found the back of my head and pulled me in to deepen our kisses. Our tongues intertwined, darting in and out of our mouths. My tongue slid along her lips and found its way inside her mouth. My kissing transformed into moaning.

My pussy begged to be touched, to be fondled, to be devoured. But not yet. Kate moved her mouth down my body, leaving a trail of little kisses and nibbles. She circled each nipple with her tongue, flicking them with the tip. When she got to my mound, I was almost levitated off the couch, every nerve in my body on fire and begging for release. I couldn’t remember being this fired up, this ready to blow.

Kate was just getting started.

She inserted two fingers into my pussy, making a squishy sound. My back arched. As I was finger-fucked, she slowly and tenderly licked me, her tongue getting its first taste of my more-than-ready vulva. The tip of her tongue spiraled on my clit. Her open-mouthed kisses covered my labia. Liquid heat pulsed through me. My pussy, penetrated by Kate’s fingers, was drenched with my juices.

A woman who knew how to make love to a woman was eating my pussy and pushing her fingers inside me. I was ready to cream in her face.
Throwing my head back, I cried out in ecstasy. My legs turned to jelly as she planted moist kiss after moist kiss on my inner thighs. While my bunched nerves screamed for release, Kate dug her tongue deep into the folds of my pussy. Her hands cupped my breasts, her fingertips raking my straining nipples.

I was about to explode.

Kate pushed her hands under my ass and lifted my legs over her shoulders. Burying her face into my pussy, she ravished me with her lips and tongue while her fingers dug into my ass. My legs shook and my feet beat the air as I screamed. Kate’s tongue thrusting into my hole ignited fresh rounds of swirling fireworks that wracked my body.

I slammed my hips into her face as my orgasm blotted out my consciousness. My hands gripped her head, my fingers tugging at her hair as I convulsed. I locked her between my legs as my heart jack-hammered and my pelvis shook.

I went deaf to everything but my pounding heart and throbbing pussy. For the third time in an hour, I collapsed, sexually spent.

The satisfying warmth pervading my body and limbs ebbed. Kate took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom. We stretched out on the big bed and she folded me into her arms. We kissed, long and languid kisses, as the pounding in our hearts returned to normal.

It was my turn. “Teach me, Kate. Teach me how to please a woman.”

She smiled and took my hands. She kissed each fingertip and then folded them into hers.
“I’ll show you how to fuck me. Then you’ll have to go.”

She took the index and middle fingers of my right hand and put them in her mouth. She swirled her tongue and softly sucked them. Moving my wet fingers to her crotch, she placed them against her pussy folds.

“Alison, is this your first time with a woman?”

I nodded.

“First slide one finger in. I’ll tell you when to add the other.”

I crooked my forefinger and slid it into her warm, wet hole. It was so like my pussy and yet so different. The angle was much easier compared to when I finger-fucked myself. I slid my fingertip along the back wall of her vagina and found the rough spot. I could feel her tighten.

“Okay, now the other.”

As I pushed my second finger in, I sat up on my haunches next to her and roamed her pussy with my eyes. Seeing a mature woman in full sexual flower was fascinating. My eyes ran repeatedly over her glistening, fat lips, her erect clit, and her mound.

“Now fuck me.”

I started plunging in and out. Kate reached down and swirled a finger on her clit, her knees wide apart. I moved my fingers in and out of her pussy slowly. With my other hand, I parted her swollen lips for a better view.


Kate’s hips started to rock in tandem with my thrusts. She pulled her knees up, making it easier for me to go deeper. I leaned over to get a view of her asshole, glistening with the juices pouring out of her pussy. I let go of her lips and moved a finger to her anus, gently circling and probing her sphincter.

Kate groaned, her hips thrusting harder. I sped up my plunging, my fingers going deeper into her vagina. I inched my spit-slicked finger into her asshole. Kate responded with loud cries and whimpers.

I wanted to taste her pussy. I wanted to take her swollen, chubby lips in my mouth. I craved swirling her long, protruding inner lips, bright pink and inviting, with my tongue. I wanted to thrust my tongue inside her and taste her juices. But Kate’s hand was grinding into her clit furiously. There was no room for my mouth.

I grabbed her ankles, flailing above her, and pushed them back toward her head. Kate’s hips rolled up, her cunt pointing at the ceiling. The angle got even better, and I pushed my fingers deeper into her.

“Another finger.” Her voice was hoarse and gravely.

I now had three fingers in. Kate fisted the sheets with her free hand and cried, her breasts jerking back and forth as I fucked her. I had nearly half my hand in her pussy—and she took every inch, and probably would have taken more. She was that kind of woman. I slathered my forefinger with her juices, and plunged it into her asshole. Kate screamed out, then started to whimper feebly.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. My desire to taste her pussy overwhelmed me. Pushing her hand away from her clit, I buried my face between her legs and I attacked her clit with my tongue. This was my first time eating out a woman. Kate’s strong, feminine scent filled my nostrils as her juices smeared my lips, nose and cheek. I was wallowing in a gorgeous woman’s most intimate place. It was marvelous.

Kate’s hands gripped my head and pulled my hair, drawing me closer. Now, my tongue was lashing her clit, not bothering with light licks. “Yes,” she screamed. “Right there!”

She exploded, her hips thrusting. I barely hung on as she jerked with each spasm. She clamped her knees together, and I fell back on the bed. Watching Kate convulse, whimper, and moan as she writhed in ecstasy, I marveled at what I had done to this woman’s marvelous body.

I lay down next to her and gazed into her eyes. Her breathing finally slowed, and the flush receded from her neck and cheeks. She turned her head, opened her eyes, and smiled.

“Fast learner.”

“Beginner’s luck.”

She moved her hand to my face and stroked it. “You’ve earned another lesson. But not today.”

“Is my time up?”

Kate leaned in and kissed me softly.

“Until next time.”

“ALISON’s NEW TOY” is reproduced with the kind permission of the author, K.C. Cave. K.C. Cave writes about sex and love… but mostly sex. ALISON’s NEW TOY is the first in the series of Alison’s Erotic Adventures.

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