About Us

Online supplier of premium quality glass dildosA TOUCH OF GLASS® is a busy online supplier of the very finest erotic glass products for women. Premium grade glass dildos designed and individually made by hand with the discerning woman in mind… the woman who appreciates quality, luxury, and the finer things in life.

We make particular efforts to appeal to the discerning and sophisticated shopper by offering only the very best and highest-quality glass sex toys available online – presented within a tasteful, comfortable, non-intimidating, and secure environment.

Our Lifetime Warranty Exceeds Industry StandardsTo maintain such a venerable high standard, our glass dildo product range specifically excludes the cheap far-eastern imports of dubious origin and questionable quality, flooding the mass market these days. To endorse our exclusivity and exemplary quality standards, all products are supplied with a FREE and unconditional LIFETIME warranty as standard.

Thank you for taking the time to drop by, we respect your visit to our website today.

We understand you need to feel comfortable while you are here, so we do not make use of distasteful pornographic images, lurid pop-ups, lewd marketing tactics, fake discount sales, or any other shady or unethical attempt to gain your custom. Instead, we prefer to gain your respect.

To this end, we openly and unashamedly offer ONLY the very best… NOT the cheapest.

This means if it’s ‘cheap’ you’re looking for, then you are in the wrong place. A dropshipping supplier may suit you better.

A TOUCH OF GLASS does not ‘dropship’. We respect you far too highly to expect you to accept anything less than a first class service. We source, select, quality-assure, test, and carry stock of our very own exclusive collection… unlike dropshippers who sell product on behalf of anonymous third-parties.

One of our glass dildos being produced by handOur complete range of impeccable, fastidiously hand-selected, individually crafted, erotic glass products, are designed particularly with discerning women in mind. Women like you who look for and appreciate the very best quality, high-end products of luxurious refinement, blissful comfort and uncompromising safety… over and above lesser counterparts far too frequently forced to compromise on quality, aesthetics, and safety, solely for the purpose of being the cheapest.

Sadly, ‘cheap’ often equates to trimming down and cutting corners. Is scrimping on a few £’s worth risking damage to yourself, your comfort, your enjoyment, and your safety? We don’t think so.

All erotic glass products marketed by A TOUCH OF GLASS are manufactured from the very highest quality, medical grade, lead-free, crystal glass known as borosilicate glass – of which Pyrex is probably the best known brand. Not only that, the glass that goes into making our beauties is a special hydrolytic grade 1 borosilicate glass.

Unlike the vast majority of the rubber and plastic used extensively in low-end mass-produced products, borosilicate glass is completely non-toxic, non-porous and hypoallergenic. It will also withstand extreme temperatures and physical shock without compromising structural integrity. In other words, not only is borosilicate glass stunningly beautiful, it is also immensely strong and unquestionably safe. Further info can be found on our Glass Dildo FAQ’s page.

And if that wasn’t enough… A TOUCH OF GLASS now brings you ‘a touch of class’ – for those times when only a truly unique ‘one-off’ will do as a special gift, or for unashamed personal pampering – ask about our bespoke glass dildo design service.

Like ourselves, we believe A TOUCH OF GLASS customers prefer strawberries and cream accompanied by a glass of fine wine… rather than pie, chips, and a six-pack. Care to join us?

Please note: Because every one of our glass beauties is individually made by hand, it is inevitable very slight variations in colour, size, and decorative embellishments will exist between individual items of the same model type. This is normal and will not adversely affect your pleasure and enjoyment. Equally, this means each is a ‘one-off’ and truly unique.

All models featuring on our website are over 18. Photography by Mighty Aphrodite.