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All glass dildos manufactured for A TOUCH OF GLASS® are made from a specially toughened glass called borosilicate. We thought you'd like to know a little bit about borosilicate glass and why it makes sense to consider a borosilicate glass dildo over any other. Further information can be found on our Glass Dildo FAQ's page.

The human race started making glass about 5,000 years ago. This makes it one of the oldest manufactured materials in the world. However, major scientific breakthroughs with regard to glass manufacture didn't happen until as late as the 19th century.

In the 1880s, the German scientist Otto Schott (1851 - 1935) invented borosilicate glass, a new and much stronger variant of the material. Schott started selling borosilicate glass in 1893 under the name of 'Duran'. The Schott company continues to sell it under the same name to this day. Borosilicate glass was first mass produced by Corning Glass in 1915, and marketed under the trade name of Pyrex.

The chemical element Boron is the prime ingredient that makes borosilicate glass so exceptionally strong and durable. It handles extreme temperature ranges (thermal insulation tiles on the Space Shuttle are coated with borosilicate), and is chemically resistant - even to nuclear waste.

Needless to say, borosilicate glass is the safest material to use in the manufacture of a glass dildo and, in particular, the range of glass dildos offered by A TOUCH OF GLASS®.

Pyrex - once synonymous with borosilicate glass - switched from manufacturing products from borosilicate to soda-lime glass in the 1950s, with the majority of the kitchen industry following suit in the 1980s. Soda-lime glass is the most commonly used and least expensive form of glass.

Some glass dildos available on the open market today are made from soda-lime glass where, unfortunately, the quest for lower prices has led to the sacrifice of quality. Please take care when choosing your next glass dildo.

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As you have probably guessed by now, this website is dedicated exclusively to the glass dildo. And to help you choose your next, or indeed, your very first glass dildo, we have structured the site in the best way we can to help and assist you in making that very choice.

You will find comprehensive guides on how to choose and how to use a glass dildo, plus a detailed Frequently Asked Questions page in which we pull out all the stops to answer the most common questions we've been asked most about glass dildos.

Then there's our shop, where we offer you the opportunity to browse our exclusive range of hand made glass dildos at your leisure.

If, while you are browsing this website, you have any questions about anything whatsoever, then please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can do that from the Contact Us page, or if your question is about a particular glass dildo in the shop, then you can submit your query directly from the product page.

You may also like to know, our complete range of glass dildos unconditionally...

  • Qualify for our unique and market-leading LIFETIME WARRANTY.
  • Come with a no-quibble 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Are delivered FREE by 1st class signed-for post to all UK mainland addresses - International delivery worldwide is also available at very low cost.
  • Securely and discreetly packed and shipped to you in a plain brown, unbranded, postal box to save embarrassment or any awkward questions.
  • Come with a FREE 10ml sachet of premium quality, NHS approved, water-based lubricant for your enhanced pleasure.

And as if that wasn't enough...

  • Every time you buy a glass dildo from A TOUCH OF GLASS, you earn a loyalty bonus which is redeemable in full against all subsequent purchases.
  • And you get a generous 50% off your next glass dildo purchased from the shop, when you write a review on 'how it was for you'.

We understand when looking for a glass dildo, you're probably wanting more than just a penis substitute

Good. This means you're in the right place.

Our range of glass beauties bring you so much more than a mere substitute for even the hardest erect penis could ever hope to.

Exclusively designed and manufactured especially for us in Europe (unlike most of the glass dildos you'll find online of far eastern origin), each of our glass dildos enhance and heighten sensual and sexual pleasure-giving in their own individual ways to bring you the ultimate in sexual arousal, whether enjoying with your lover or for those special eye-popping moments when you're alone and playing with yourself... the levels of joy and ecstasy experienced will surely far exceed anything a plastic, silcone, or rubber substitute for a penis (let's be frank and call them what they are... 'dongs') could ever hope to give you.

Take a look at what some of our happy customers say:




OK then, exactly how does a glass dildo from A TOUCH OF GLASS manage get it so right as a sexual pleasuring toy, when the rubber and plastic penis substitutes tend to miss the mark most of the time? Good question.

Look at it this way.... a 'penis substitute' is only ever any good at just one thing - filling a hole, i.e. your vagina, or anus if you're into that.

However, our glass dildos - by definition AND by design - bring to you a fuller experience ably demonstrated by...

  • more thrills
  • heightened sensitivity
  • extended love-making sessions
  • deep joyful sexual gratification.

"Sure", we hear you say, "a GLASS dildo?" Won't it destroy itself inside my vagina and hurt me badly?

No, Not a chance.

Our glass dildos are made from a particularly tough and a pure form of borosilicate glass (Hydrolytic Grade 1) produced by Schott in Germany.

So why's that a good thing?

OK, borosilicate glass is not only extremely tough, it is also remarkably resilient, immensely durable, and also recognised and approved as 100% medically safe.

Hydrolytic Grade 1 Borosilicate glass is SO strong it takes an enormous 680 kgs (300 lbs) to snap a 25mm  (1 inch) thick bar in half. That's tough.

And if you're still worried about the safety of your, or your lover's vagina (and who in their right mind wouldn't be) consider this for a moment...

It takes a MASSIVE 8,000 kgs (8 tonnes) to crush a 25mm diameter bar of borosilicate glass. So you can see, hydrolytic grade 1 borosilicate glass is immensely tough stuff! So is it going to break, crack, splinter, shatter or smash up inside the sensitive and intimate parts of your body? No. And if you really tried to break it inside you, you'd pretty much destroy your pubic bone first.

This means, whatever happens between you and your glass dildo, you can be assured it is never, EVER going to break inside of you.


Please be aware that the same cannot be said about some inferior quality glass dildos found over the internet these days. Click here to read about the potential dangers of cheap glass dildos..


The vast majority of lesser quality glass dildos - and those made of rubber, plastic, and silicone - are commonly formed in moulds, rapidly cooled, then pressed out of the mould, roughly trimmed and packaged cheaply, to be sold to the unwary. The whole process takes just a matter of minutes, invariably resulting in a poor quality and, more importantly, an almost certainly unsafe product.

So What Do A TOUCH OF GLASS Do Differently?

To hand-form each individual glass dildo involves a painstaking and intensely methodical process of heat cycling (called 'annealing') and patiently working the glass into shape to create the final form.

Rather than taking just a few minutes to churn out one of the typical cheap sex toys, it takes our manufacturer 5 hours (on average) to complete just the initial production stages of each glass dildo we supply.

Beyond these initial stages, each glass dildo is placed into a firing oven to be annealed for a minimum of 7 hours at 550°C (1,022°F). This extremely high temperature is just below the melting point of the hydrolytic grade 1 borosilicate glass.

The special annealing process brings the surface of the glass up to an unbeatably high quality and an incredible smoothness of finish. Annealing also brings the completed dildo up to full strength and undeniable beauty.

What all this means is... it takes a remarkable 12 hours to create just one high quality glass dildo from start to finish.

So if you were wondering why our glass dildos – premium quality, exclusively and individually hand-made from medical-grade borosilicate glass of undeniable beauty – cost up to 40 times more than a roughly machine-made, crudely finished, mass-produced 'dong', churned out by the hundreds every hour... then we guess you now know.

One more thing you should know about glass dildos. This is important...

In addition to super strength, impressive durability, and eye-watering beauty, a borosilicate glass dildo is also non-porous. This is important because...

A glass dildo will never...

  • Fade, or go dull, or lose its colour – EVER.
  • Degrade, crumble, flake, or weaken - EVER.
  • Collect and harbour nasty germs, harmful bacteria, dangerous viruses, or unpleasant and smelly mould... or indeed, any other kind of contagious or infectious unpleasantness come to that. In other words, a glass dildo is unarguably hygienic.
  • Leach colour or flake bits of paint into your vagina. All our glass dildos are SOLID glass. There is no added colour painted, printed, or etched onto the surface.

And, a glass dildo can be...

  • Cleaned easily and simply in warm soapy water.
  • Totally sterilised by boiling or wiping over with an antiseptic wipe.
  • Used 100% safely internally - unlike some other questionable materials used in sex toy manufacture..

With the unbeatable combination of extremely high strength and durability, plus the non-porous properties of a premium-quality glass, our glass dildos rank amongst the most hygienic, and safest ever sex toys available on the market today.

And if all this wasn't quite enough to convince you, a premium-quality borosilicate glass dildo brings you 3 more exciting qualities

  • They are VERY slippery when wet. The tiniest hint of any kind of lubrication – whether from your own natural juices or from a tube of lube - goes a really long way.
  • Our borosilicate glass dildos retain temperature extremely well. A minute or two immersed in warm or cold water adds a special tingle to the enjoyment of owning one. Try one, we think you'll agree.
  • Medical-grade borosilicate glass is ‘hypoallergenic’. This means it won't cause you any ill effects or scary allergic reactions if your body is over-sensitive to the common rubber, latex, plastic, or silicone 'dongs'.

If you have any further questions, please contact us here and we'll be happy to answer them. Also look out for discount voucher codes in the shop.

Please note: Because every glass dildo is individually hand-made by highly skilled workers, it is inevitable that very slight variations in colour, size, or shape, will exist between each one. This is normal and will not adversely affect your enjoyment in any way at all. Equally of course, this means your own glass dildo will be totally unique to you.